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A Radical Industrialist: Profits, People, Purpose

Ray Anderson

America’s “Greenest CEO” continues to inspire with the release of his new book, Confessions of a Radical Industrialist.

Ray Anderson is more than just the founder of Interface, the worlds largest manufacturer of modular carpeting, he is also a pioneer and hero of corporate sustainability.

For years, Anderson’s company had manufactured carpets using a toxic, petroleum-based process, releasing immense amounts of air and water pollution and creating tons of waste. It wasn’t until 1994, after reading the book, The Ecology of Commerce, that Anderson had an epiphany – “I read it, and it was a spear in the chest, an eye-opening , earth-shaking, life-changing experience.”

Soon after, Anderson became know for his advanced and progressive stand on industrial ecology and sustainability.  Anderson’s company cut greenhouse gas emissions by 82 percent, eight of ten Interface plants have achieved the 100 percent renewable energy mark, and the company uses 100 percent recycled yarn for carpets. While implementing these green initiatives, the company increased sales by 66 percent, doubled earnings, and raised profit margin.

Ray Anderson has been named one of MSNBC Top 15 Green Business Leaders in 2007, one of Time Magazine’s Heroes of the Environment and he’s been featured in two groundbreaking documentaries – The Corporation and The 11th Hour.

Don’t forget to grab a copy of his new book!

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New World Captial Eyeing $100M Starter Fund

Cleantech Investing

Last week, investors announced the formation of New World Capital Group, a private equity firm that would invest in middle-market companies in the cleantech sphere.

Carter Bales, chairman and founding partner of New World,  stated that they would provide expansion to companies and related infrastructure projects in the middle market – “what is conventionally known as the ‘Commercialization Gap’ – the period before companies and projects can command large amounts of institutional capital.”

Bales told the New York Times that there is only $3 billion in private equity capital right now pledged to companies in the sector. He believes the sector is worth $300 billion.

The firms founders are seasoned professionals with several years of investment experience in companies and infrastructure projects in the environmental sector. They bring related skills in business operations and project management, project finance and development, and regulatory issues.

Watch out Khosla and Soros, these guys are fast on your heels!  They’re looking to raise $100M for a starter fund and plan to raise a fund worth $500M by the end of next year.

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Naturally Advanced Partners with G.J. Littlewoods

G.J. Littlewoods Dyehouse

In July of this year we signed an agreement with one of the foremost fiber processer/dyers in North America, G.J. Littlewoods.  This agreement secured initial capacity to process approximately 40 000 pounds of CRAILAR per week, with the capability to aggressively ramp up from there to meet the needs of our commercialization plans.

Located in Manayunk Philadelphia, this family run business specializes in high temperature/high pressure dyeing of synthetic fibers as well as natural fibers.  Their state-of-the-art, computer controlled machinery allows them to dye lots from 1 to 2500 lbs which allows them to meet the needs of both small and large customers with the same quality, flexibility, attention and quick response.

G.J Littlewood & Son Inc. has been living the American textile dream for 131 years.  These folks take great pride in both their products and processing but above all they value customer service.  Richard G. Littlewood had this to say, “G.J. Littlewood and Son Inc’s mission is to create customer partnerships that will set the tone for long term relationships in the future in order to continue a domestic source of supply for the textile industry in the U.S.  We’ve come a long way in 131 years and we are quite proud of it.”

And they should be proud!  We look forward to working with Littlewoods for years to come!

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