The Iron Butterfly

27/05/2010 at 9:14 am Leave a comment

It’s hard to believe we’re just about half way into 2010; time has passed incredibly quick and remarkable headway has been made as we journey towards CRAiLAR finally becoming a household name.

Manufacturing trials with Hanesbrands and Patrick Yarns have been underway for the past several months and are going extraordinarily well.  We are elated with the progress and our partners are extremely pleased with how our CRAiLAR Organic Fibers have evolved, successfully creating blends with cotton and turning the fibers into yarns for everything from T-shirts to upholstery.

We affectionately refer to CRAiLAR as the “Iron Butterfly” due to its dichotomous properties; it’s extraordinarily sturdy yet soft and light.  Designers such as Calvin Klein and Stella McCartney have been adding hemp and eco textiles to their collections and we hope all designers (both the budding as well as the famous) will also be inspired by the Iron Butterfly’s potential.  The CRAiLAR benefits are still unmatched… the environmental-friendly process of transforming hemp or flax fibers benefit the planet – and from a performance standpoint, fans will quickly learn about CRAiLAR’s performance benefits from natural wicking properties to reduced shrinkage.

Stay tuned for more product trials and manufacturing updates!

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