Considered Design, Considers It All

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A company’s journey to sustainability can be a long one….just ask Nike.  The company is a leader in environmental design, and yet it has a long way to go to reach its sustainability goals.

At least Nike knows where it’s headed.  It has a bold long term called the North Star.   A key tool is known as Considered Design, where the goal is to design products that are fully closed loop:  produced using the fewest possible materials and designed for easy disassembly, while allowing them to be recycled into new product or safely returned to nature at the end of their life.

Nike’s vision is not only bold, but well thought-out and comprehensive.  Nike’s Considered Design index rewards designers who reduce waste, solvents and energy, and employ environmentally friendly materials.

Nike isn’t designing one line of products to be sustainable or green and then leaving the rest along.  Instead, it’s applying a single set of design metrics to shoes, apparel and equipment and measuring its progress.

Considered Design is Nike’s ongoing commitment to design without compromise – either to performance or the planet.  It is a continually progressing standard, applied every day to everything they do.  By continually raising that standard, they envision a future where the shoes you wear today become the shoes, shirts or equipment you use tomorrow.  This “closed loop” manufacturing process, where nothing is wasted and everything is kept in play, is not just wishful thinking, it’s the future.

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