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Corporate Eco Forum, The Nature Conservancy Release Report That Includes Naturally Advanced

We are always on the lookout for industry data that supports the value proposition of CRAiLAR, but are especially excited to be included in the newly released report, “The New Business Imperative: Valuing Natural Capital,” which reviews best practices of environmental stewardship by 24 global brands including Dell, Disney, Nike, Unilever, and, our longest-running partner, HanesBrands.

Broadly, the report outlines four main environmental and corporate benefits of conserving natural resources: 1) reduce risks, 2) cut costs, 3) enhance brand, and 4) fuel growth.

Announced with the Corporate Eco Forum and The Nature Conservancy at the September 2011 meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative, the report concludes with each of the 24 companies’ commitments to “demonstrate the need for business to protect and restore green infrastructure around the world including forests, fresh water and marine systems.”

In its commitment statement, HanesBrands, with which we announced a 10-year purchasing agreement in March 2011, outlined its approach to optimization of resources as it impacts Freshwater, Soil and Forests:

“HanesBrands is excited to introduce flax fiber to its product line, which we hope will not only provide a superior, natural product to our customers by enhancing wicking capabilities and durability when combined with cotton but also offer several ecological benefits including reduced pesticide use, lower water use, improved soil health and avoided deforestation.”

– Mike Faircloth, Chief Supply Chain Officer, HanesBrands Inc.

The 350-word statement goes on to outline HanesBrands’ commitment to working with NAT on manufacturing, agronomics, and industry adoption. Click here to view the full report.


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Trashing Textiles

USAgain (pronounced “use-again”) has released an info-graphic illustrating how many pounds of textiles Americans trash every year.  Pulling information from the EPA as well as running a 1,500 people survey, the green for-profit enterprise claims that 11 million tons of clothing end up in landfills each year.  The recycling firm works to reduce textile waste by providing thousands of convenient locations across the US where we can drop off our gently used clothes and shoes any time of the day, any day of the year.  By putting them back in the use cycle we conserve precious natural resources, prevent greenhouse gas emissions and save landfill space.  We at CRAiLAR think it’s not only important that we make a concerted effort to recycle our fashion by-products but also that we buy clothing that is sourced and manufactured sustainably.

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Pamplico CRAiLAR Facility Update

The Pamplico CRAiLAR facility continues to be readied for the delivery of our first containers of machinery.  We’re still in process to get all certifications complete and the rigging installed, so very soon we will see this grand space buzzing with activity.

The last pile of recycling ready to be carted away

Impressive interior

Quite a large undertaking

Hardhats required


Stay tuned for more updates!


The CRAiLAR Team


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Pick up & Delivery

As we mentioned in our post about baling, the first deliveries to our new facility in Pamplico were literally hours later.  Once the flax has been baled we pick them up and take delivery.  The round bales weigh in at a very respectable 1000lbs each.  Notice the attention the teams are putting into tying down, checking in, and building the bale pyramids. We check in all of the bales with UPC labels, so we can trace where all of our feedstock is coming from, and of course that no bale goes missing.


The first bales of flax arrive at the Pamplico facility.

Checking in the bales.

A half ton each.

Keep ’em coming!

Tons of straw on every delivery

Neat, tidy and fast delivery

Stacks of flax

Stay tuned for more updates,
The CRAiLAR Team


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Baling in South Carolina

While many of you out there may see this type of activity on your local fields fairly regularly, trust us, it’s not flax that is being baled up.  The CRAiLAR team is happy to see our flax which was harvested a few short weeks ago, get baled up, sorted and prepared to be picked up for delivery to our Pamplico facility.  While the baling is taken care of with some very large machinery and talented operators, the logistics of getting the bales lined up, placed on the flatbeds, tied down and delivered is no small feat.  Thanks to everyone for all your continued effort!

Lining up and arranging the bales

Neat and orderly

Another snap of a field ready to be moved out

No less impressive, square bales in the barn, ready to go

All of this hard work just continues.  Updates on the delivery coming, stay tuned!


The CRAiLAR Team


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