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China Cold Snap Raises Cotton Prices

Cotton prices soared to an all time high yesterday as cold snaps in both China and the U.S. put crops at risk.

Cold weather in China, which is the world’s biggest user of fibre, is expected to last through the next day, while hail storms throughout Texas have damaged the crop and delayed harvest.

Since early July, prices have risen 53%.  Last week alone prices jumped 9% and nearly 8% was added to the cost of a pound of cotton in the past two days, bringing it to the highest level since the fiber started trading 140 years ago.

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NAT Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting of the shareholders of Naturally Advanced Technologies will be held today at 500 Granville Street, Vancouver BC on Wednesday September 22, 2010 at 2:00 p.m PST.

NAT CEO, Ken Barker, will touch on the past years activities and looking forward, will discuss our efforts to continue to pursue the huge existing market opportunity for our sustainable, clean technology solutions.

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NAT Hires Industry Leading IR Firm

We are pleased to announce that we’ve contracted the services of Guidance Counsel based in Portland, OR, to augment our shareholder and investor relations activities.  Guidance Counsel’s investor relations efforts are led by Rick Anguilla, former VP of Investor Relations at Nike, Inc.  After continued success in scaling up to commercial scale production trials, the Company is now working on reaching a wider investor audience as it brings to market its proprietary CRAiLAR® technology platform.

Rick has extensive experience in his field, most notably with industry leading apparel brands Nike and Under Armour.  He spent ten years at Nike as the VP of Brand Communications and VP of Investor Relations.  At Nike, he built the framework for the Company’s investor relations department and helped the financial community understand the value of its strong brand equity. After Nike, he was instrumental in the Initial Public Offering for Under Armour, helping the company articulate its strong brand position to Wall Street.  In late 2005, Under Armour became the first US-based IPO in five years to rise at least 100% in its first day of trading.  He continues to work with Under Armour as a strategic advisor, helping them manage their continued growth.

In addition, Guidance Counsel principal Meredith Chase has over sixteen years of strategic brand marketing experience, helping develop marketing strategies and communication platforms for some of the worlds most visible brands.  Her career successes include The Walt Disney Co., J. Walter Thompson, Wieden + Kennedy Portland and Australia, Lucy and Nike.  She oversaw the Olympic TV and print campaign that aired for Nike in summer 2008 and has managed both the women’s and apparel marketing teams at Nike.

“We are very excited to be working with Guidance Counsel,” stated NAT’s CEO Ken Barker.  “Guidance Counsel brings extensive, focused, industry targeted experience to our IR activities, with the reputation to translate our commercial opportunity to a global institutional investor base.  The added strength of their brand marketing and communication skills augments our branding platform for CRAiLAR®, at this critical juncture of our go-to-market execution”.

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NAT Presents at LD Micro Conference

We are pleased to announce that Ken Barker, CEO of Naturally Advanced Technologies, has been chosen to present at this years LD MICRO Conference today in Southern California.

Each company of the 70 companies selected for the conference will make their presentations to a tight knit, loyal investor base that LD MICRO has built up over the past seven years.  Barker will present the company’s patented CRAILAR technologies.

Produced from bast fibers, CRAILAR’s industry changing technologies are based on abundant, environmentally sustainable and renewable resources.  CRAILAR technologies provide economically attractive and performance oriented solutions to water and pesticide intensive raw materials as well as petro-chemical based raw materials, for industries such as textiles and pulp & paper.

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Clean Tech Open 2009 Wraps Up

Last nights Clean Tech Open Awards Gala was a wrap up to a year long clean technology business competition that is designed to showcase the boldest clean technology ideas, the most ambitious entrepreneurs and the brightest, most engaged investors, venture capitalists and prospective technology customers.  Gala attendees, included Google green energy czar Bill Weihl and famed venture capitalist Vinod Khosla.

The world’s largest cleantech business competition and mentorship program, is expanding across the United States, and its ideas competition went global this year, with cleantech companies from 87 countries.

Yesterdays gala brought together finalists from three Cleantech Open regions – California, Pacific Northwest, and Rocky Mountain.  Finalists got a chance to make a five-minute pitch for a green technology, product or marketing campaign in front of a crowd of 3,000 investors, entrepreneurs, and companies.  Gala attendees voted for their top picks via text message to determine the winner.

The National Prize was awarded to EcoFactor. Winning a grand prize of $250,000, $100,000 of which is seed money, EcoFactor entered in the smart grid category, with a personalized residential energy management solution for heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

The two runners-up were Alphabet Energy for their work on waste-heat recapture, and MicroMidas, which transforms raw sewage into biodegradable plastic.

The Clean Tech Open is an organization of leading entrepreneurs, academics, investors and companies, working together to find, fund and further leading edge ideas that address today’s most pressing environmental and economic challenges.

Since it’s inception in 2006, over 100 promising teams have availed themselves through the companies hands on workforce development, nurturing and funding programs.  In it’s first three years, Clean Tech Open alumni has raised over $130M in private capital, over 80% remain economically viable today and over 500 new clean technology jobs have been created.

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New World Captial Eyeing $100M Starter Fund

Cleantech Investing

Last week, investors announced the formation of New World Capital Group, a private equity firm that would invest in middle-market companies in the cleantech sphere.

Carter Bales, chairman and founding partner of New World,  stated that they would provide expansion to companies and related infrastructure projects in the middle market – “what is conventionally known as the ‘Commercialization Gap’ – the period before companies and projects can command large amounts of institutional capital.”

Bales told the New York Times that there is only $3 billion in private equity capital right now pledged to companies in the sector. He believes the sector is worth $300 billion.

The firms founders are seasoned professionals with several years of investment experience in companies and infrastructure projects in the environmental sector. They bring related skills in business operations and project management, project finance and development, and regulatory issues.

Watch out Khosla and Soros, these guys are fast on your heels!  They’re looking to raise $100M for a starter fund and plan to raise a fund worth $500M by the end of next year.

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NAT Featured on Bloomberg

Our CEO, Ken Barker, was featured on a live segment of Bloomberg News yesterday. He discussed Crailar® technologies and our efforts to bring the processes into commercialization in the coming months.

Enjoy the clip!

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Cleantech Hits the Jackpot!

Green, Clean Money

Billionaire George Soros announced an investment of over $1 billion into the Cleantech industry.   The world’s 29th richest man indicated that he was interested in investing in technologies that are both profitable and are effective in reducing global climate change.  This news comes one  month after Vinod Khosla announced that his firm had raised 1.1 billion for investment in Cleantech .

Thanks to the implementation and enforcement of laws with strong green house gas reduction targets, investors are eager to fund new solutions and provide a welcome reception for smart and innovative ideas to improve energy efficiency.

The result is cleaner sources of energy, clean air and a better environment and don’t forget the creation of thousands of green jobs.

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