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Today we announced that we’ve joined forces with Hanesbrands Inc. and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service (USDA-ARS) in a cooperative research project designed to cultivate and evaluate the viability of various flax strains for use in our CRAiLAR technology.  The project takes place in South Carolina and has an initial term of one year with a renewal option for two additional years.

We have already successfully transformed flax fibres blended with cotton into sustainable yarns and fabrics that posses unique properties such as moisture management and shrinkage resistance, with the comfort and price parity of cotton. The new partnership with Hanesbrands Inc. and the USDA-ARS is a strategic step in our optimization of flax fibres as the foundation for the next phase of our proprietary CRAiLAR technology.  Success of the project will result in the achievement of producing a viable, natural substitute to synthetic fibres that effectively blends with cotton to create new markets and new uses for natural fibres.

“We’ve announced previously that we had created a viable sustainable complement to cotton using flax fibre in our CRAiLAR process,” said Ken Barker, CEO of Naturally Advanced Technologies.  “This new research we’re conducting, in partnership with Hanesbrands Inc. and the USDA-ARS, allows us to identify the best possible flax strain and agricultural practices suited for the needs of the apparel and related fibre markets, and will maximize the effectiveness of our CRAiLAR process.”

The project, led by ARS, the chief in-house scientific research agency of USDA, is part of the agency’s Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) program — the primary tool linking government and industry researchers in cooperative research work.  ARS scientists will collaborate with NAT and Hanesbrands Inc. to assess various flax varieties and their viability for cultivation in the South Carolina region, as well as which crop conditions, harvesting and processing techniques will produce the highest possible yield of consistently superior fibres.  Testing will take place at two ARS research facilities in Florence and Clemson, S.C., after which we will convert the resulting flax crop into textile-grade fibres.

The all-natural, 100%-organic CRAiLAR process is the first to successfully remove the binding agents from flax that contribute to its stiff texture by processing the fibres in a patented enzyme wash using dedicated equipment.  The result is a fibre that has both the tensile strength of flax and the sought-after qualities of cotton.  Spinning trials facilitated by NAT and Hanesbrands Inc. earlier this year have proven that CRAiLAR-treated flax can be spun on existing cotton spinning machinery.

Along with Hanesbrands, we have jointly committed to provide approximately $100,000 per year in in-kind contributions to help fund the project which is expected to benefit local farmers — creating new business opportunities and potentially establishing flax as a major winter crop in the South Carolina region — and to create job prospects for the people of Kingstree, S.C.

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The Fibre Price Sheet

The economic climate is still recovering, yet retail trends seem to be rolling along in step with the changing seasons. But what is really going on in the retail industry?  Fibre prices are escalating and the front of house is trying to retain its steady compusure while the back of house is scrambling to make production ends meet.

“Once these higher fibre prices filter through the supply chain, it’s going to be painful,”  said Gary Raines, vice president of economics and analysis with FCStone Fibers & Textiles.  “Who’s going to crack first?  Will consumers willingly pay higher year-over-year prices for apparel?   I’m not sure.  2011 is shaping up to be unlike any year we’ve seen.  There is a major disjoint between retail trends and what’s happening on the fibre side.” –

Both synthetics and cotton will soon be out of the question if prices continue to rise at such a dramatic rate.  Iti’s now time that farmers, designers and manufacturers begin to look for economically vialable alternatives.

Our own fibre, CRAiLAR® Flax is soft like cotton, has a similar color, possesses similar performance traits and is cool and comfortable to wear year-round.  CRAiLAR® Flax and cotton look the same, fit the same and wash the same.  Still, CRAiLAR® Flax fibres shrink less than cotton fibres do, wick moisture better, and have increased dye uptake meaning they take less chemicals to reach the same color levels.

With cotton prices currently well over a dollar per pound, flax is a cost-effective raw material for fibre
production.  We estimate that we will be able to provide CRAiLAR® Flax at approximately $0.90 per
pound making it an economically viable complement to cotton.

The revolutionary all-natural CRAiLAR® process is non-polluting and consumes a lot less energy and
water than it takes to produce other natural fibers.  While CRAiLAR® Organic Fibres are strong and
durable like petroleum-based synthetics, they’re made from earth-friendly flax or hemp.  The processing
chemicals used within the CRAiLAR® process have been approved for use as textile auxiliary agents
according to the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS).  GOTS approved inputs are screened for
prohibited toxic chemicals such as aromatic solvents, heavy metals or fluorocarbons as well as
Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO).  All substances must also comply with strict toxicity and
eliminability standards.

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Investor Update Conference

Don’t miss out on our most recent developments – join us today by phone at 2pm PST / 5pm EST for our Investor Update Conference Call .  NAT CEO, Ken Barker, will provide an update on recent corporate developments followed by a question and answer session.

To participate via telephone, please dial 800.967.7187, or +1 719.325.2418 for international callers, at least 10 minutes before the presentation start time.  The passcode is 7723359.

If you are unable to participate during the live call, the telephone replay will be available until midnight EST, December 16th by dialing 877.870.5176, or +1 858.384.5517 for international callers, and entering passcode 7723359.

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China Cold Snap Raises Cotton Prices

Cotton prices soared to an all time high yesterday as cold snaps in both China and the U.S. put crops at risk.

Cold weather in China, which is the world’s biggest user of fibre, is expected to last through the next day, while hail storms throughout Texas have damaged the crop and delayed harvest.

Since early July, prices have risen 53%.  Last week alone prices jumped 9% and nearly 8% was added to the cost of a pound of cotton in the past two days, bringing it to the highest level since the fiber started trading 140 years ago.

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NAT Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting of the shareholders of Naturally Advanced Technologies will be held today at 500 Granville Street, Vancouver BC on Wednesday September 22, 2010 at 2:00 p.m PST.

NAT CEO, Ken Barker, will touch on the past years activities and looking forward, will discuss our efforts to continue to pursue the huge existing market opportunity for our sustainable, clean technology solutions.

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NAT Hires Industry Leading IR Firm

We are pleased to announce that we’ve contracted the services of Guidance Counsel based in Portland, OR, to augment our shareholder and investor relations activities.  Guidance Counsel’s investor relations efforts are led by Rick Anguilla, former VP of Investor Relations at Nike, Inc.  After continued success in scaling up to commercial scale production trials, the Company is now working on reaching a wider investor audience as it brings to market its proprietary CRAiLAR® technology platform.

Rick has extensive experience in his field, most notably with industry leading apparel brands Nike and Under Armour.  He spent ten years at Nike as the VP of Brand Communications and VP of Investor Relations.  At Nike, he built the framework for the Company’s investor relations department and helped the financial community understand the value of its strong brand equity. After Nike, he was instrumental in the Initial Public Offering for Under Armour, helping the company articulate its strong brand position to Wall Street.  In late 2005, Under Armour became the first US-based IPO in five years to rise at least 100% in its first day of trading.  He continues to work with Under Armour as a strategic advisor, helping them manage their continued growth.

In addition, Guidance Counsel principal Meredith Chase has over sixteen years of strategic brand marketing experience, helping develop marketing strategies and communication platforms for some of the worlds most visible brands.  Her career successes include The Walt Disney Co., J. Walter Thompson, Wieden + Kennedy Portland and Australia, Lucy and Nike.  She oversaw the Olympic TV and print campaign that aired for Nike in summer 2008 and has managed both the women’s and apparel marketing teams at Nike.

“We are very excited to be working with Guidance Counsel,” stated NAT’s CEO Ken Barker.  “Guidance Counsel brings extensive, focused, industry targeted experience to our IR activities, with the reputation to translate our commercial opportunity to a global institutional investor base.  The added strength of their brand marketing and communication skills augments our branding platform for CRAiLAR®, at this critical juncture of our go-to-market execution”.

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NAT Presents at LD Micro Conference

We are pleased to announce that Ken Barker, CEO of Naturally Advanced Technologies, has been chosen to present at this years LD MICRO Conference today in Southern California.

Each company of the 70 companies selected for the conference will make their presentations to a tight knit, loyal investor base that LD MICRO has built up over the past seven years.  Barker will present the company’s patented CRAILAR technologies.

Produced from bast fibers, CRAILAR’s industry changing technologies are based on abundant, environmentally sustainable and renewable resources.  CRAILAR technologies provide economically attractive and performance oriented solutions to water and pesticide intensive raw materials as well as petro-chemical based raw materials, for industries such as textiles and pulp & paper.

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