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Patagonia Bares All with The Footprint Chronicles

Patagonia started The Footprint Chronicles in 2007 back when “corporate transparency” was not a buzz word.  Not entirely sure where The Chronicles would lead them they began with the notion that if the information they were receiving had them squirming in their seats they were probably on the right track.  Taking a close and personal look at their suppliers and manufacturers Patagonia has invested time, money and their employees into creating the most sustainable and eco-conscientious products for their consumers.  Something the industry now likes to call corporate responsibility.

They have since added to and expanded their transparency.  A global supply map displays the location of Patagonia’s material sourcing.  They even have a reference library which holds all information on the textiles they use, the treatments they go through and the processes as well.  With everything from paper use to compostability, Patagonia dedicates itself to leaving nature as uninterrupted as possible and rather themselves exposes the deepest roots of their corporation.  As stated in The Footprint Chronicles mission statement we couldn’t agree more that when one company can reduce or eliminate a harm, other businesses will be eager to follow suit.

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Force of Nature: The Unlikely Story of Wal-Mart’s Green Revolution

Wal-Mart—the world’s largest, arguably most powerful corporation—has long been plagued by terrible PR and a never-ending slew of lawsuits.  Enter Jib Ellison, river guide turned corporate consultant, determined to convince executives that making a profit and building a sustainable business are not mutually exclusive and would, in fact, confer a powerful competitive advantage.

Ellison has instituted a project at Wal-Mart called “The Index” that challenges suppliers to root out inefficiency and waste.  Packaging has shrunk, saving millions of gallons of water, millions of pounds of cardboard, not to mention diesel fuel.  Wal-Mart’s sheer size, coupled with its lowest-pricing mission, means that producers are forced to take steps toward sustainability—and make natural, organic, and earth-friendly products widely available.

Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Humes offers a stirring story of how ecologically responsible practices are increasingly benefiting the bottom line, and how as Wal-Mart goes global , the biggest retailer in the world is, slowly but surely, encouraging a change for the better.  A fascinating, fair-minded look at the congruence between environmentalism and business, and the behemoth at the intersection.



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The Sustainable Operations Summit

Since its initial launch in 2006, the Sustainable Operations Summit has become the premier forum for leading organizations to share best practices and case studies regarding the greening of their facilities and operations.

This invitation-only event, which takes place May 15th – 17th, brings together key leadership from North America’s most influential organizations in both the private and public sectors to promote practices that benefit both the environment and the bottom line.  The overall theme at the summit is ROI: Reduce our Impact…Return on Investment.  We all realize that without documenting a true return on investment most initiatives will never get the green light!  The intimate and focused format of the summit provides executives with the tools necessary to keep their green initiatives thriving through the economic downturn and take their programs to greater levels of efficiency and innovation.

From exclusive keynote speakers to intimate roundtable discussions, the Sustainable Operations Summit provides organizations with the essential knowledge take-away that is all but absent at other industry events.

For an overview on this years Sustainble Operations Summit, click here.  To request an invite, click here.  

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