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Pamplico CRAiLAR Facility Update

The Pamplico CRAiLAR facility continues to be readied for the delivery of our first containers of machinery.  We’re still in process to get all certifications complete and the rigging installed, so very soon we will see this grand space buzzing with activity.

The last pile of recycling ready to be carted away

Impressive interior

Quite a large undertaking

Hardhats required


Stay tuned for more updates!


The CRAiLAR Team


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CRAiLAR Flax Fiber Producers Contract Willamette Valley Advisor

Ralph Fisher, Veteran Ag Expert, to Work With NAT

Portland, Ore. – February 21, 2012 – Naturally Advanced Technologies Inc. (NAT) (OTCBB: NADVF) (TSXV: NAT), which produces and markets CRAiLAR(r), a natural fiber made from flax and other bast fibers, announced today it has secured the services of Ralph Fisher, located in Salem, Ore., as a regional agronomic advisor to the company. In this capacity, Fisher will work with NAT to help contract planted acres of flax in Oregon. He will also work closely with NAT and Oregon State University (OSU) to evaluate strains, growth cycles and techniques that ensure the greatest yields in the region. Fisher, who obtained his B.S. in Crop Science from OSU in 1978, begins his work with the company immediately, with a focus on the 2012 and 2013 growing seasons.  To read the full story click here.

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NAT Attends 71st Annual Oregon Seed Growers’ Convention

Naturally Advanced Technologies headed to Salem, Oregon this Monday and Tuesday to attend the 71st Annual Oregon Seed Growers’ Convention.  NAT CEO Ken Barker was one of the guest speakers on Monday, where he introduced CRAiLAR and its promising technology, focusing on the company’s impressive list of partnering companies like Hanes, Georgia-Pacific, Levi’s, and Target.   By Tuesday morning, a steady flow of growers intently listened as Jay Nalbach, CMO and Ryan Leverenz, Head of Global PR, fielded questions and introduced the CRAiLAR process.

As demand grows from partner companies, supply remains a high priority for NAT.  The Willamette Valley’s history of flax farming, which was a critical industry in the area during the 1930’s to 1950’s, makes it a prime candidate region.  NAT will continue to engage growers in the area and work to diligently answer both agronomic and economic questions with a goal to plant significant acreage in the area by Q2 2012.  The company is planning its next grower information event for January, where it will provide a thorough Q&A for interested growers.  More than 50 farms have expressed interest since the company made its first foray into the region in late-September.

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The Oregonian; NAT officials say their fiber could change apparel production

Ken Barker hands over a piece of cardboard with fabric swatches attached.

Barker is delivering his feel test, challenging his subject to detect the difference between cotton-only pieces and those with a combination of cotton and “Crailar,” a fiber derived from flax stalks.

Barker, chief executive of Naturally Advanced Technologies Inc., the makers of Crailar, has touted the fiber’s benefits to provide protection against volatile cotton prices. Crailer also has a much smaller ecological footprint than cotton’s, his company’s research shows.

And Oregon — from the company’s Lake Oswego-based managers to Willamette Valley farmers — are expected to play a key role in growing Crailar from seedling concept to harvested game-changer.

Barker has convinced the likes of Target Corp., Levi Strauss & Co., HanesBrands and Carhartt that Crailar could make a difference in production of fabrics and apparel.

Crailar has partnered with those companies and others to produce or test Crailar for a variety of products. Naturally Advanced announced Thursday that Target has entered a development and supply agreement to evaluate Crailar in the retailer’s domestic textiles category such as table linens, window treatments and towels.  To read the full story click here.

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CRAiLAR Flax Fields

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Have a glimpse of what we’re up to South Carolina these days.  Planted just a few months ago, we now have 300+ acres of flax growing close by our facility.  We are fortunate to have flax fibre harvested from previous seasons available in our warehouse, as it’s allowed us to begin production immediately.  We are moving full speed ahead in developing the capacity to rapidly increase production thereafter to meet the demands of our development partners and to respond to increasing interest from new customers in the denim, workwear, home furnishings and knitwear markets.

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CRAiLAR® Choosing Flax Over Hemp?

On September 20th, we announced that after successfully transforming hemp fibers into yarns and fabrics with the desirable qualities of cotton, we would now begin a strategic shift to use flax fibers as the foundation for the next phase of its proprietary CRAiLAR Organic Fiber technology.

So, why did we switch our primary feedstock from hemp to flax?

Our technology was developed to work on all bast fiber crops.  Hemp was the initial focus as it is an emerging industry in Canada.  Flax is a bast fiber crop so the CRAiLAR® process works very well without any modification. CRAiLAR® is a versatile technology and also performs well on jute, kenaf, and other similar crops.  At the end of April of this year, we announced that we had successfully spun not only a hemp-cotton combination but we’d also successfully spun a flax-cotton combination.  We found the CRAiLAR® Flax to be of very high quality and ideally suited for fine knit items such as T-shirts.  While hemp is also well suited for knit garments, the legal issues surrounding the crop in the USA combined with the farming learning curve that will be necessary to begin the agricultural supply chain, make commercialization of this fiber more difficult than flax.

Our recent spinning trials with CRAiLAR® Flax have been highly successful, which further validates the feasibility of flax as a practical, economically viable complement to cotton.  Therefore a strategic shift of
focus from hemp to flax was announced earlier this year.

To learn more about this strategic move, please visit our site to review our CRAiLAR® Fact Sheet.

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