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7 sustainable luxury brands making eco-friendly fashion

Photograph by Jean-Claude Lussier

This month, Elle Canada features seven designers that are making major strides in eco-conscious fashion.  With out minimising the incredible progress brands like Toms and Threads of Change have made for sustainable clothing, these designers are taking what could be a passing trend and making sustainable fashion timeless. VBH Animal Bags, toted by some of the top celebrities, well known for using exotic leather from crocodile or ostrich skin, are coming out with a completely animal-free line of bags.  The first bag will be available this season.  The VBH Brera, the most popular bag in their roster, has been reworked and hand-crafted by artisans in Florence from quilted black ecopelle – a manmade alternative to leather.  When it comes to shoes, materials like  discarded tilapia-skin, cork and raffia are the last you’d expect designer, Manolo Blahnik to use but that is exactly what he’s done.  Partnering with Marcia Patmos (formerly of Lutz & Patmos), he has released a full line of eco-friendly footwear.  The most innovative of the seven has to be Belgian, Bruno Pieters, whose new initiative Honesty truly embodies the definition of the word.  His line of men and women’s clothing which sources recycled, vegan-friendly and sustainable fibres, zippers, buttons and thread exposes the production process for the buyer.  Every garment’s information label will contain a full break down from raw material to finished product and the processes used.  This is an exciting prospect for CRAiLAR and our flax fiber if this were to catch on in the industry.  The price information tag will detail the cost per meter of fabric, how much was ordered and used, how much labor was involved, what the mark-up was, and how the profit was used.  Yves Saint Laurent once said “fashions fade, style is eternal.”  If greener fashion choices offer the same luxury and style that their regular counterparts do hopefully eco-friendly fashion will become less of a current statement and more of a lasting impression.  To read the full story click here.

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Vancouver Goes Green for Fashion Week

Canada flexed its sustainability muscle last week with a strong showing at the Vancouver Eco Fashion Week.

Now in its second season, the event featured a number of seminars, trade shows and fashion events each designed to showcase some of the latest talent in the field of environmentally friendly and socially responsible fashion design.

In 2009, Vancouver declared its aim to become the world’s greenest city within the next decade and the organizers at Eco Fashion Week are keen to use this pledge as a springboard to help propel the city to the vanguard of the eco-fashion and textile industry.

The week-long event culminated in a trade show exhibiting a range of recycled, organic and fair-trade fashions. In order to qualify for participation, designers’ work had to fall into at least one of a dozen special categories, which ranged from requiring the use of animal-free, organic, natural, recycled, or reused materials, to ensuring the manufacturing process uses resources efficiently or reduces waste.

Other categories qualify items that are locally or custom designed and constructed; vintage or second-hand; that show responsibility toward human rights or promote social causes; or those that use environmentally friendly printing and marketing.

Particularly prominent were fabrics made from SeaCell, Ingeo, milk fibre, hemp and nettles while there was also a strong presence of wool, ‘peace silk’, soy silk, and fibres made from rubber and cork.

Designers included Nicole Bridger, Prophetik, Red Jade, Peridot Kiss, Laura Presber, Elena Garcia, Lav & Kush, Nixxi, , Lara Miller and Emesha.



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2011 Eco-Fashion Predictions of the Year

Ecouterre asked 28 eco-fashion movers and shakers, including a museum textile conservator, a fashion professor, an online curator of preowned clothing,  and several of their media comrades in arms to offer their forecasts for the year ahead.  Discover what they’re enthusiastic about this year and how eco-model Summer Rayne Oakes is opening access to sustainable materials and suppliers.

Read about Ecoteurre’s Eco-Fashion Predictions for 2011 here.

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Amsterdam to Host Sustainable Fashion Event

Next month, Amsterdam will be hosting the next event in a joint series of seminars put on by Made-By and Organic Exchange.

The seminar takes place on November 17th and 18th and will be focusing on issues surrounding the sustainable fashion industry.  Speakers include Cortney McDermott, head of sustainability at North Face, Robert Nuttall, communication strategist at Marks and Spencer, as well as sustainability strategists from Nike.

These notable speakers will touch on several important topics including;

  • Environmentally Friendly Fabrics
  • Responsible Processing
  • Product Integrity
  • Social Compliance
  • Setting Sustainability Strategies

This seminar is the perfect opportunity to assist textile and apparel professionals working in brands and retailers to come up to speed on changes and opportunities in the supply chain.

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