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Projecting Change Film Festival

Don’t miss out on the 5th Annual Projecting Change Film Festival.  Bringing like-minded individuals together to connect, converse and communicate – this festival is forum for film and dialogue about social and environmental issues.

This four-day event features inspiring, eye-opening, and often award-winning films from around the globe, each followed by a dynamic speaker and panel discussion.  The unique festival format is a platform for audience engagement, with all proceeds donated back to local initiatives.

To view this year’s schedules of movies and speakers, click here.  Be sure to get tickets before it’s too late!

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Repower America

In 2008, Al Gore presented a speech that his team called “an unprecedented challenge to policy makers and entrepreneurs”.  It challenged America to obtain 100% of it’s power from clean energy sources within 10 years.

To encourage and help lead America through this change the organization Repower America was created and  in just over one year they’ve signed up over 2 million members.

Just last week they unveiled a new campaign designed to demonstrate broad national consensus for action on clean energy and climate – the Repower Wall. Using an innovative, multimedia approach, business, faith, military, science and environmental leaders join thousands of grassroots supporters to add your voice.

“The Repower Wall shows once and for all that Americans support immediate action to build a clean energy future and solve the climate crisis,” said Alliance for Climate Protection President and CEO Maggie L. Fox. “Americans from all walks of life are joining the call to share their resolve to move America forward. As they do and the numbers and voices swell to a wave that will break and show our leaders that we are past ready for a clean energy future.”

Already, over 12 000 individuals and several major corporations such as Nike, Gap, Inc. and Starbucks have shared their voice accompanied by their photo (or logo).

The campaign has attracted a wave of messages from workers, business executives, military veterans, faith leaders, elected officials, entertainers, activists and people from across the country, demonstrating the deep and broad support for swift action on climate change and a transition to a new 21st century clean energy economy.

Add your voice to the Repower Wall.

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