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The ‘Snicker Factor’ Aside, Hemp is Serious Business

A great article in Sunday’s edition of the Globe and Mail on the benefits of industrial hemp.

“Manitoba Harvest is now one of the world’s largest hemp food manufacturers. Its sales growth has averaged about 50 per cent every year since 1998. It currently makes 68 per cent of its sales in the United States, 30 per cent in Canada and 2 per cent in Europe and Asia.

In addition to health food stores, it is penetrating mainstream grocery chains in the United States and collaborating with Maple Leaf Foods Inc. on hemp-based research and development in Canada. Manitoba Harvest has provided product and technical support to Maple Leaf’s majority-owned subsidiary Canada Bread as it experiments with hemp bakery products, Mr. Fata said.”

To check out the full article, which includes great coverage on NAT, click here.

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Vancouver Goes Green for Fashion Week

Canada flexed its sustainability muscle last week with a strong showing at the Vancouver Eco Fashion Week.

Now in its second season, the event featured a number of seminars, trade shows and fashion events each designed to showcase some of the latest talent in the field of environmentally friendly and socially responsible fashion design.

In 2009, Vancouver declared its aim to become the world’s greenest city within the next decade and the organizers at Eco Fashion Week are keen to use this pledge as a springboard to help propel the city to the vanguard of the eco-fashion and textile industry.

The week-long event culminated in a trade show exhibiting a range of recycled, organic and fair-trade fashions. In order to qualify for participation, designers’ work had to fall into at least one of a dozen special categories, which ranged from requiring the use of animal-free, organic, natural, recycled, or reused materials, to ensuring the manufacturing process uses resources efficiently or reduces waste.

Other categories qualify items that are locally or custom designed and constructed; vintage or second-hand; that show responsibility toward human rights or promote social causes; or those that use environmentally friendly printing and marketing.

Particularly prominent were fabrics made from SeaCell, Ingeo, milk fibre, hemp and nettles while there was also a strong presence of wool, ‘peace silk’, soy silk, and fibres made from rubber and cork.

Designers included Nicole Bridger, Prophetik, Red Jade, Peridot Kiss, Laura Presber, Elena Garcia, Lav & Kush, Nixxi, , Lara Miller and Emesha.



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CRAILAR named Fabric of the Month

Crailar Fabric

We would like to thank Textile World for featuring Crailar® as Quality Fabric of the Month.

Hemp is one the most environmentally friendly bast fibers in the world requiring no pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers and very little water to grow and it can be grown in a wide range of geographical areas. Hemp exhibits up to eight times the tensile strength of cotton, and fabrics made from hemp are more insulating, absorbent and more durable.

Read Textile World’s article to find out how Crailar® made the cut!

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