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New World Captial Eyeing $100M Starter Fund

Cleantech Investing

Last week, investors announced the formation of New World Capital Group, a private equity firm that would invest in middle-market companies in the cleantech sphere.

Carter Bales, chairman and founding partner of New World,  stated that they would provide expansion to companies and related infrastructure projects in the middle market – “what is conventionally known as the ‘Commercialization Gap’ – the period before companies and projects can command large amounts of institutional capital.”

Bales told the New York Times that there is only $3 billion in private equity capital right now pledged to companies in the sector. He believes the sector is worth $300 billion.

The firms founders are seasoned professionals with several years of investment experience in companies and infrastructure projects in the environmental sector. They bring related skills in business operations and project management, project finance and development, and regulatory issues.

Watch out Khosla and Soros, these guys are fast on your heels!  They’re looking to raise $100M for a starter fund and plan to raise a fund worth $500M by the end of next year.

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Cleantech Hits the Jackpot!

Green, Clean Money

Billionaire George Soros announced an investment of over $1 billion into the Cleantech industry.   The world’s 29th richest man indicated that he was interested in investing in technologies that are both profitable and are effective in reducing global climate change.  This news comes one  month after Vinod Khosla announced that his firm had raised 1.1 billion for investment in Cleantech .

Thanks to the implementation and enforcement of laws with strong green house gas reduction targets, investors are eager to fund new solutions and provide a welcome reception for smart and innovative ideas to improve energy efficiency.

The result is cleaner sources of energy, clean air and a better environment and don’t forget the creation of thousands of green jobs.

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