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Texworld USA Opens Today

Today, Texworld USA kicks off their fabric fair at the Javits Center in NYC.

Texworld USA is the largest sourcing event in North America for apparel fabric buyers, R&D and product development specialists, designers, merchandisers and overseas sourcing professionals.  It gives buyers an opportunity to meet with  mills and manufacturers from around the world.

Along with many other influential speakers, our very own CEO Ken Barker will be discussing Fibre Innovation.  This years line up also includes reputable speakers from the eco textile industry and will cover a variety of topics from sustainability, fibre innovations, colour forecasting and sourcing within North America.

  • “An Eco Index for Everyone” – featuring Karla Magruder, president of Fabrikology, Jamie Bainbridge, Director of Fabric and Product Development at Nau Inc. and many more.
  • “Fibre Innovations”, a panel discussion with Karla Magruder, president of Fabrikology; Kenneth Barker, CEO of Naturally Advanced Technologies and Steven Usdan, founder of MDC Group.
  • “Crossing the Bridge to Spring/Summer 2012″  by Laurie Pressman, director of marketing and sales development, Pantone.
  • “Color Trends: The West Coast Perspective on Color and Lifestyle Trends”, with Fran Sude and Arnold Sude of Design Options.
  • “Spring/Summer 2012 Youth Culture” by Andrea Praet, Trend Director of Stylesight USA.
  • “Sourcing North America: Discover New Resources” by Susan Power, Publisher of AboutSources.

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Made in the USA….Can it Be?

NearSea Naturals, a reputable online supplier of organic and sustainable fabrics since 2002, recently joined forces with textile industry veteran Daniel Sanders in order to carry out plans to provide complete vertical manufacturing for local, US made organic fabrics.  The driving force for the new partnership is the “Made in the US” label, which consumers consider advantageous.  Domestic organic and sustainable fabrics meet customers expectations for a variety of reasons, including high production standards, increased economic benefits, and environmental accountability.

NearSea Natuals relocated from their off -the-grid, solar powered facility near Santa Fe, New Mexico to the state known for it’s history in American textile manufacturing – Asheville, North Carolina.  “This partnership is an economic stimulus to the region,” stated Sanders, adding that the fabrics created within its rubric are local and sustainable.  “Everything takes place within 100 miles of our facility – spinning, weaving, finishing, and more.  Our local design and vertical manufacturing of US organic fabrics, coupled with direct-to-consumer sales, is unique to the industry.”

“At a time when many textile jobs and businesses are going overseas, our customers of organic and sustainable fabrics are demanding domestic.  They understand the importance of supporting the US textile industry and want to keep their business supply chains local,” said Tara Bloyd, president of NearSea Naturals who founded the business with her mother, Winnie Culp.  She elaborates:   “I came to organic fabrics out of critical need – to clothe my first child, who was born prematurely. I wanted only safe, toxin-free fabrics next to his fragile skin.  Now this is a lifestyle choice, not only for my family but for an increasing number of other people as well.”

“Organic and sustainable fabrics are making a comeback in the United States,” says Culp, “because of increasing consumer awareness about the importance of sustainability throughout the entire cycle.  We moved our production to Asheville because it is a gateway to the existing textile mills.  We’re doing this at the right time, for the right reason, and we’re finding that more and more people are ready to go green for the whole nine yards.”

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Genetically Modified Textile Debate

Some leading European retailers were caught out earlier this year when it was discovered that the certified organic cotton garments they were selling in-store were actually made from genetically modified (GM) cotton fibre.

As a result, issues surrounding the use of genetically modified technology within the clothing and textile industries have been laid out in a new document prepared by the RITE Group (Reducing the Impact of Textiles on the Environment.

This short, factual document was created to clarify and inform on the issue of GM textiles.  RITE intends to develop an objective, independant and authoritative position on GM textiles and how this type of biotechnology relates to the environmental impacts on the industry.

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Shaping Tomorrows Industry

This years RITE Group Conference takes place on October 6th at Central Hall Westminster in London UK.  Organizers have confirmed that exhibition space has been sold out and that a line up of notable figures from the fashion and textile industries will be speaking.  Speakers include;

This years theme, “Shaping Tomorrows Industry”, focuses largely on sustainability touching on subjects such as;

  • Fashion Futures 2025: Making Sense of Uncertainty.  Scenarios for the Future of the Industry
  • Reducing the Impact of Textiles on the Environment – A Chemical Manufacturers View
  • Consumer Attitudes and Behaviours Around Textile Purchasing, Use and Disposal.
  • Global Cotton Production: Trends and Challenges in sustainability
  • Sustainability in Textiles – Progress and Next Steps?
  • Ethical Sourcing Issues

The goal and vision of RITE Group as stated on their website is to develop and provide advice and fact based information to reduce the negative environmental effects of the production, use and disposal of textiles and to drive forward the sustainable and ethical production of textiles and apparel throughout the global supply chain.  They provide a forum for different sectors of the textile industry to share views and best practice and our success is based on the facilitation of discussions between industry, retail, academia, media, scientists, designers and government.

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Texworld Showcases Eco Textiles

Two days into Texworld Paris, it’s become clear that great strides have been made in the world of eco textiles.  The number of textile mills offering these products has grown by 25%.  Appoximately 122 fabric mills, out of 800 exhibitors, are offering certified eco textiles as part of their collections – this equates to 15% of the total number of Asian textile producers at the show.  Some exhibitors have even switched their entire collection to sustainable fabrics.

HL Ding, President of Hemp Fortex Industries, told Ecotextile News, “We recently won a large order from a leading retailer for two million metres of recycled cotton fabric and have now secured a reliable and sustainable source of used raw material.  We see a big future for recycled fabrics going forward and have also decided that it’s now time to switch our complete fabric collection over to a more sustainable footing.”

Of the 800 exhibitors at Texworld Paris, 51 now have GOTS (Global Organic Textile) certification which is up from 30 companies last year.   Bernd Mueller, organizer of Texworld, said that, “In addition to the traditional organic fabrics we see a noticeable increase in the breadth of the colour palette where bright reds and deep blues compliment the more neutral shades often associated with organic.”

Texworld exhibitors are now showing pride in their eco offerings by bringing them to the front of their booths as opposed to hiding them away at the back as in previous years.  Consumers are voting with their dollar and it’s reassuring to see that the producers are listening!

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Texworld Talks Sustainablity

Next month, Messe Frankfurt is holding it’s Texworld Exhibition in Paris, France from September 13th – 16th.  Texworld has become more than a place where people meet to do business.  Texworld’s aim was to develop a new approach, a different way of exploring the aisles and discovering the trends, creating a true call to the senses.

This year they will be featuring industry leading experts that will take you in search of organic and sustainable textiles.  Speakers from Fairtrade Labelling Organizations, Organic Exchange and the Soil Association will advise textile manufacturers and buyers of the various kinds of organic and sustainable textiles that are readily available.

Furthermore to the seminar, there will be certified suppliers of hemp, linen, organic cotton, recycled material and other sustainable textiles in addition to the regular fabric exhibitors.

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